"Work hard. And have patience. Because no matter who you are, you're going to get hurt in your career and you have to be patient to get through the injuries." - Randy Johnson

A General Overlook of Information Technology

Email, laptops, computers, and the Internet: these creations of the information age have become common amongst working professionals. They make life simpler by allowing faster communication, providing tools for an efficient business, and granting access to most information with the click of a button. With these benefits, there comes a risk factor that isn't totally within a person's control: if your network fails or your computer crashes, you'll lose time and money. This is where you come in.

Information technology utilizes applications such as email, word-processing, spreadsheet, programming, database, and presentation software; typical building blocks of your everyday work-flow to do your job. In this field, you'll create such method as well as setting up and maintaining such systems. Your work will vary, from working together as a team to debugging a troublesome error. Being on call is very important in the event a server or website goes down. These things happen frequently.

We wear many titles and go by different callings, depending on your area of expertise you could be a programmer, website content writer, email support technician, network administrator, and phone concierge, just to name a few. The range of your skillset will be vast. As a database specialist, you'll need to administer the ever-changing complex of information generated by enterprise software applications and the company's website, including files on visitors who have signed on or made a purchase. No matter what job you do, you'll focus on improving the usability and efficiency of these systems and processes. Our goal is to operate with a swift functioning computer network and efficient code: free of bugs, glitches, mistakes, and interruptions. Everything aimed at an effective flow of information so that clients can keep on improving their work processes, customer retention and acquisition.

Creative Designer

Designing and creating websites, company logos, graphics, banners, and posters for company publicity. A company's image is most recognized by the creative designer of the company. Those who are talented and have a hunger for designing new things have a tremendous growth opportunity.

  • The candidate should have a bachelor degree in designing.
  • A portfolio of your work, as a display of your talent, is highly appreciable.
  • The candidate should have an innovative mind that thinks out of the box.
  • An Open minded person who does not shy away, from starting on a trend.
  • Has to continuously research market trends and update themselves with the changing taste of the consumer.
  • The candidate should work according to the needs of the company.
  • They will be needed to demonstrate rough sketches and demonstrative skills of new projects and give a clear idea to the management of the proceedings.
As it is a very demanding job, it is highly advisable to be in practice. Good know how of the market trends in designing will help you to design relevant designs, which will bring positive results for the company. It will also help if you develop the ability to listen, and consider each advice, ideas, or designs of the co-designers.

Web Developer

The primary focus of a web developer is to create, maintain, and implement the website in it's entirety. You'll write the programming code to meet all the requirements of the contract for any organization or company. This job is never ending: you'll keep developing and designing new code.

  • Must be able to communicate with others through written code.
  • The foremost basic need is to have a good analyzing ability to analyze the need of the organization and implement the coding program accordingly.
  • Should have good coding and programming skills.
  • Must have knowledge of accessibility and usability standards.
  • Experience in developing web- based projects and websites.
  • Should be updated with all the advancements taking place in the technical world.
  • Should be an active learner.
  • Should be patient and attentive towards his work.
  • Must be creative and imaginative.
  • Must work closely with the whole development team to ensure the task completion within given deadlines.
  • Properly supervise the work of their sub-ordinates.
  • Should develop new and more efficient codes for the organisation.
  • Fulfil all the requirements of their clients.
  • The written code should be debugged for errors again and again.
  • Must effectively develop a well-structured and easily maintainable code format.
  • Must demonstrate the creative and technical skills through his work.
  • Develop reusable and innovative Web-based tools.
  • Assure proper and error-free coding of the website.
  • Identify the content needed by the organisation on their website.
  • Should work harder than expected.

Office Administrator

Managing everyday functions of an office. Since efficient organization plays an important role in the smooth functioning of a business, this is an area that continues to offer a good number of job opportunities. This position is required to supervise, coordinate, keep records and manage finances.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Self-motivated.
  • The main task is coordinating between people to get jobs done.
  • Must supervise over the assigned jobs and make sure they are carried out in time by employees.
  • Conduct interviews if there are vacancies.
  • Ensure that the office supplies never run out.
  • In-charge of the petty cash and the filing of reimbursement claims by the employees.
  • Track office supply inventory and approve of supply orders.
  • Responsible for recording employee attendance.
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Record the minutes of the meeting.
  • Try to maintain a clutter-free work area as neatness will not just lead to efficiency in multi-tasking but also create a good impression on the management.
  • Be an expert with paperwork. Choose a filing system that suits you and organize bundles of paperwork into logical piles.
  • Have good knowledge in Accountancy. This would help in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records.

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